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Rugged, formidable, and isolated, Scotland's northwest coast is an unlikely place to find a Glasgow actress. But Andrea Sinclair is in love with Thomas MacAllister, a World War II hero who, for reasons unknown to her, seeks seclusion as the Principal Lightkeeper at the Cape Wrath lighthouse. The perfect place to keep a secret. Or is it? After one of Andrea's visits—that ends in a quarrel—Thomas is brutally murdered.

A presence descends at Cape Wrath that manifests itself as a human shadow searching the sea from the towering cliffs. Later, it is an unseen hand that carves a crude image of Andrea's face into an old whale tooth and scribbles a question on the underside of a table: Will She Return? To the new lightkeepers at Cape Wrath it becomes apparent that whatever roams the cliffs and the lighthouse threatens not only their light station, but their stability as well.

Only after decades, and the blending of two generations, do answers begin to surface. To Andrea  Sinclair “would come an understanding both beautiful and frightening to consider.”
A novel by Ted Olson
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