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Rugged, formidable, and isolated, Scotland's northwest coast is an unlikely place to find a Glasgow actress. But Andrea Sinclair is in love with Thomas MacAllister, a World War II hero seeking seclusion as the Principal Lightkeeper at the Cape Wrath lighthouse. The perfect place to keep a secret. Or is it?

Thomas is brutally murdered. Her life upended, Andrea returns to the stage, only to find that, in her work and family, much is not as it seems.

A presence descends at Cape Wrath.  A human shadow searching the sea. A strange work of scrimshaw bearing a woman's face. An earnest message from a distant light suspended in the midnight air. To the new lightkeepers,  whatever roams the cliffs and the lighthouse at Cape Wrath threatens not only their light station, but their stability as well.

Years later, an Edinburgh journalist, MacAllister's nephew, along with a former lightkeeper, uncover long-buried secrets and ask Andrea to join them in finding more answers. To Andrea  Sinclair "could come an understanding both beautiful and frightening to consider.”
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